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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 28, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sun comes up. temperatures in the 50s and other numbers are 54 winchester. 59 inside the beltway. 58 fredericksburg and 59 to the east in annapolis. the winds are not too bad for the time being. southwesterly six miles an hour. by the afternoon when the front comes through, partly cloudy and 77 and look for northwest winds to get up around 30 miles an hour. angie, good morning. >> good morning to you. hello, everybody. welcome to the 6:00 hour. it is monday, and we are ready to have one terrific day. we kick thicks off with a live shot of 95 in virginia. heading northbound, delayed from the prince william parkway to lorton. no surprise there. continuing on to 395. here's the shot. northbound we are seeing a little volume from duke to stepping to seminary. you are clear approaching the 14th street bridge. we will move it over to 66. heading eastbound we are slow from 550 to 123.
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that delay is building up nicely. checking out the outer loop in maryland, volume from new hampshire to georgia but no slow goes on the topped soft the beltway and end with 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 toward powder mill and beyond. notice nothing but green cars botch drought both drives are look great. back to you. the fbi is working several angles for the investigation of bribes in dc's taxi cab industry industry. alex tree seen owe is live in norse with more. >> the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the vehicle inspection station southwest. our sources say both dc council member and his chief of staff were on tape talking with who they thought was a cab company representative, when in all actuality it was an fbi agent they were communicating with. >> reporter: 9 news now first
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listened cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in the ashtrays of their vehicles. some inspectors were allegedly taking the bribes as payment for overlooking deficiencies on the cabs that should have earned them a rejection sticker. >> reporter: a second part of the fbi probe centers on city hall. the feds arrested ted loza, chief of staff to jim graham. ted loza is charged with accepting gifts, trips and bribes and $1,500 for legislation favoring cab companies. >> we fully believe once the evidence is in front of the jury he will be vindicated sources tell 9 news now that councilman graham is a target of the probe. he said he has done nothing wrong and knew of no wrongdoing on ted loza's part.
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councilman graham has cancelled a hearing on a atlanticcy cab bill this week that had become key in the fbi case. we have confirmed that bill is dead and no other dc council member seems interested in getting it reintroduced. 9 news now and virginia's republican gyre gubernatorial candidate is hoping to appeal to state's black voters. mcdonnell is taking advantage of a recent snub of his opponent by doug wilder. wilder the nation's first elected black governor hasn't endorsed any candidate but recently blasted deeds for imposing limits on sun gun purchases. he campaigned alongside of sheila johnson. a woman doing yard work was killed when a tree fell on her. the tree fell at the home on oak tree road in derwood, maryland. police say the 63-year-old woman was in front of her home
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when the tree fell on top of her. her husband came to find her trapped under the tree and he called 911. the tree had been partially uprooted before it fell. the woman's name is being held pending notification of the rest of her family. investigators look for the course source of a gas leak. fire officials say the electricity was shut off. but when they tried to turn off the gas meters it didn't help. this is the situation that eventually led to an explosion at the same strip mall on may 7th. a program, which provides commuters a free ride home during emergencies had a record year in 2008. commuter connections offer a guaranteed ride to commuters who walk, you can take public transit, bike or car pool to work. it is an tort reduce the traffic. last year the program provided 3,096 rides the most since they
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began in ' 96. it is time for "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with the dead -- with the head of the federal reserve playing defense. do we need it for the skins? >> seriously. we are waiting for an appearance by ben bernanke. he heads to captiol hill on thursday. he is expected to defend the central bank and its powers. he will testify before a house committee. he is expected to row pose a measure seeking to remove the fed's authority to supervise bank and fighting to keep consumer protection under the fed's control. twitter has more time to figure out how to turn tweets in to cash. the ceo wouldn't give a dollar figure but said the company has raised enough money to keep financing operations. they have attracted 54 million users in three years but are
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yet to convert that popularity in to revenue. and arlington county is looking to crackdown on people late on their taxes. the examiner reports the county board members have voted to hold a public hearing next month. it would discuss a change in the tax code to charge you more in penalties if you are late sending a check to the tax man. what we are seeing is local and state governments are doing everything in their power to squeeze as much out of the situation as possible. a lot of people are looking at the tax code for that. iran test fires a long- range missile further testing the resolve of the midwest and two european countries vow to fight on behalf of roman bolanski. here is kim with a look at the forecast. >> we do this every morning about now. we will show you the numbers as you wake up around maryland. almost nerve the 50s. 52 cumberland. 58 inside the beltway and
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annapolis 58, as well. patuxent river 60. mechanicsville a shot of hitting 80 today. shady side 76 and partly cloudy. a couple of showers will move through quickly probably later in the day, mechanicsville, earlier for hagerstown. gusty winds and 70 for your high. here's angie with the maryland traffic. >> yes. the focus is on maryland and we begin with a live shot at 6:06. here we go. we are looking live at colesville road and east-west highway. looks like we have one bus making the turn. volume light. 355 and shady grove, finding this commute also very clear. drivers here are stopped at a light at the intersection and finally if you plan to hit 50 westbound in maryland, from the bay bridge, just want you to know this is what to expect, nothing but green cars to the capital beltway. now, let's send it over to andrea. >> thank you. there's an easy way to rise to the top. all it takes is a little bit of
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excellence. best-selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains. >> reporter: today's live better step for success is the power of an attitude of excellence on your success. in america, we live in a pyramid type of society. there are a lot of people at the bottom and only a few at the top. many of the people at the top started at the bottom, but they rose to the top because they continued to pursue excellence and give their best. it is called the creme de la creme principal. the cream rises to the top. they asked oprah how he rose to the top of the world and she made a commitment to excellence and made a decision to pursue excellence. she didn't look like a television star. she wasn't overly glamorous but pursued excellence. excellence is like truth. you can push it down or cover it up and try to ignore it but
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it will always rise to the top. i encourage you and implore you to always to pursue excellence. you will see it has a profound impact on your rise to the top. this is willie jolly. visit my website at willie make each and every moment count and make this a great day.
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aaa will launch a safety campaign aimed at stopping accidents in construction zones. they say using cell phones are
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four times more likely to be in a crash. and texting drivers are 20 times more likely to have a crash from being distracted. kristin has some hero updates for you. a lot of heros came out this weekend for a fund-raiser in the washington area called bun be's belly run. i love the title. here it is. the 5-k run took place yesterday in honor of captain bunting. that's him right here. he was killed in afghanistan. his wife, right here, nikki bunting found out she was pregnant with their second child days after she learned her husband had been killed in the line of duty. what did she do? she started bubba's belly run to raise funds for her kids education and other military families and organizations like the fisher house and the american widow project. if you want to check out the entire story and it is such a great story, you can find it on the hero central home page at it is right there titled war
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widow hosts race to honor husband and benefit others. highly recommend it and thank you to all the heros who took part in that event this weekend. here's how some chose to be heros last weekend. if you are looking to be a hero next weekend how about joining 9 news now in the leukemia and lymphoma society to raise money for cancer research and better treatment. now, northern virginia's walk is this saturday. montgomery county's walk is the following saturday and the washington, d.c. will take place on saturday, october 17th. if you want to participate, again, go to the hero central home page at finally, just a quick reminder for you. this friday we are continuing high school heros. last friday i was at dematha catholic high school and this friday i will be in broad run, in ashburn, virginia. that's where you can find me. and if you want us to come to your school, send us an e-mail
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at >> thank you. in the news now, iran successfully tested a long- range missile today. the latest in a round of drills aimed at showing off its military muscle. the country test fired short and medium range missiles. the display of force is days after the u.s. and its allies warned iran about a secret nuclear facility the country is building. poland and france reportedly plan to push for roman polanski's relengs lease from detention. he was arrested of charges he fled the united states after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. and the two countries will ask the u.s. to offer clemency to him. a wildfire is threatening a historic hotel in yellowstone. it flared up this weekend.
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it burned 13. i stayed at the hotel by old faithful. that is a total huge log cabin. i got in touch with nature this weekend. went hiking in the george washington national forest in hampshire county, west virginia. when i went up for dinner at el puente, which means bridge, mexican food, i ran in to viewers and they were celebrating their aunt's 3 -- 39th birthday again. good morning to the kids. bill and john emily and lindsey, mckenzie and jeremy, grandma janice, their mom michelle and aunt brenda and the little girl in the front they don't know but she snuck in for a picture and they all came over. we love having them on our team and west virginia, we don't
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forget about you ever. we know you get the mother load of snow. we're not going to forget about you. here's the bus stop forecast. this goes out to hampshire high school. you are clear with 50s. you will be the first to see rain showers not long before lunch this morning. they will come and go very quickly, though. i don't think they will affect you. this morning 53 inside the beltway. the same with annapolis. to the west, winchester 53. cumberland 51 and 48 in culpeper. the winds aren't a problem quite yet. they are out of the southwest at five miles an hour. later today, don't be surprised to have them sustained at 20 miles an hour from the west and gusting to 30 and across the ridge tops out there in west virginia like where i went hiking in hardy county you could have gusts to 40 miles an hour. take a trip up to 77 and then that is going to be the end of that. we head down to the low 70s tomorrow. upper 60s on wednesday. there's a front that will come
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through that briefly brings us a shower. it is off to the west. it is really not so much a rainy front as one that has a new air mass behind it and a lot of gusty wind. that blasts through and it is on the eastern shore where the showers go but those gusty winds is the main story. we can take you through the next 24 to 48 hours. 1:00 to 4:00, there's the rain chances coming through. the wind gusts, they are the main thing behind the front. we go partly cloudy later tonight and tomorrow. and you will have -- see how the temperatures drop. 60s on wednesday and thursday. as we head through the end of the week this to next weekend we will keep the temperatures an the lower 70s and maybe a shot of more showers on sunday afternoon. angie has been watching the drive in this morning. what's the latest? >> i have been. and overall no major incidents or accidents to report at this time. i want to invite you to get a personalized traffic report from me. e-mail me, find me on facebook or on twitter, oh my goff is my
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name. 66 eastbound from 50 to 123 below speed and using the brakes approaching 495. 395 northbound a slow ride from duke to seminary. just volume. next a shot of kenilworth and eastern avenue. this is a drive through northeast dc. no problems. taking it to the maps, route 4, route 5, crane highway. 301. zero icons on the map. that tells us there are zero accidents to report. 270, the delay is stretching from 118 germantown road to montross temperature i think i will tack on an extra ten minutes for that commute. over to you. it is 6:17. time to see what is inside the "usa today." one of the headlines, hand to face touch is crucial link to catching flu but with a closer look we are joined by lauren ashburn. headlines like that invoke fear but there's good news about h1n1 flu and young people.
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>> that's true. a week ago today there was a study released that said that h1n1, those vaccines do work with children who are ten to 17 years old but as people know and they have been hearing as we head in to flu season, 36,000 people can die a year from the flu. so we do have some interesting tips for you. >> exactly. now, this headline, hand to face, touch is crucial link to catching the season -- flu, we are talking seasonal flu. >> we are not sure with h1n1 if this works. we are not sure if it is hand to face touch or particles in the air but this is the point. berkeley, university of california at berkeley did a study that found. they put students in a room and found with a some camera and found they touched their face an average of 16 times an hour. so you are sort of touching all
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the time. it is just a habit and what researchers are saying you can't really get the flu in unless it gets in your eyes or nose. so whether that is through particles, okay but you can control what you are doing as long as you don't touch your face. >> all right. and wash your hands. that's the orproblem. >> everybody always says that. that's right. >> reporter: read more in today's edition of "usa today." the lions forced the redskins to rethink the identity of their 2009 team. and the nationals find themselves in a wild card race. before we head to break it is time for the signs of now. yesterday the lions were trying to avoid becoming the second nfl team to lose 20 or more games in a row. so which team remains the only nfl franchise to lose 20 or more games in a row, is it the buccaneers, the saints or the
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kansas city chiefs? we'll be right back.
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virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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is. here's today's signs of now question. yesterday the lions were trying to avoid becoming the second nfl team to lose 20 or more games in a row. which team remains the only nfl franchise to every lose 20 or more games in a row? was it the buccaneers, saints or chiefs? the answer, a. with 26 losses in a row, the tampa bay buccaneers remain the only nfl team with 20 or more consecutive losses. the skins host tampa bay next weekend. and that leads us to our first sports headline. the inevitable has happened. the detroit lions have finally
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won a game, but it was at the hands of the washington redskins. after giving up 13 points in the first half, the skins looked ready to play catchup at the start of the third quarter. campbell throws a 57-yard touch down pass to moss but they answer with a running td. the skins went in to desperation mode and campbell threw another touchdown. this one to cart wright but a last mine attempt independents in failure and the skins fall 19-14. >> there's not many words to say yet. we talked about -- going in to this week we did not treat this team lightly. >> we have to bounce back. you know, take my hat off to them, they had a great plan and us. >> reporter: the lions offense wore down the skins defense in
6:25 am
the first half by holding the ball nearly three times as long as washington's offense. believe it or not, the nationals were involved in a post-season race this weekend. their opponent, the atlanta braves were making a run at the wild card spot. sunday's finale goes in to extra innings tied at three but in the tenth mcdougal couldn't hold it together. omar gets a two-run single. the nats lose 6-3 and get swept. they host the mets starting tonight. on the ice, the capitals start their regular season this thursday in boston, but washington hosted its final pre- season game yesterday against the rangers. brook makes the steal, the spin and scores the goal in the first period. alexander follows that up. and the caps go on to win 4-3. metro transit explains its reasons for sandwiching its rail cars. a new warning for parents
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about tamiflu and how it may enteric with your children. we'll be right back. last year, my little guy got the flu and had to miss his big soccer game, didn't you? when we heard that getting a flu shot
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tower run. it retraces the steps a man took on september 11th. he proceeded to race three miles through brooklyn's battery tunnel to the world trade center with 70-pounds of firefighting gear strapped to his back. he was one of the thousands who died that day. his family holds the run every year to raise money for local and national charities. definitely a hero. let's go to kim. she's on the weather terrace and she says batten down the hatches. >> yes, ma'am. this afternoon you will hear the wind. your garbage badge pail maybe a little ways down the street. we will have to watch for that. outside it is not bad. a little nippy. grab the jacket before you head out and we are expecting a smattering of rain drops around the lunch hour, between then and 4:00. the temperatures in the kids in the 50s. the wind will not pick up until later this afternoon and this evening. 53 winchester.
6:31 am
cumberland 52. pair of 5s andrews air force base and fredericksburg is 57. the rain drops along the front are in the ohio valley. we will have a couple of them blast through today between noon and 5:00 and 77. that will be it with upper 70s for a while. good morning. we are looking forward to a marvelous monday. hope you are up and at it. drink up that coffee. it will be a great day. northbound 95 in virginia. 15 minutes in the car to get from the prince william parkway to lorton. move over to the maps and show you the inner loop in virginia from 95 to 66. no major issues. 95 and the bw parkway, looks like drivers are at speed past powder mill around 32 and beyond. no incidents or accidents. andrea, over to you. dc's taxi cab industry is now the subject of an fbi
6:32 am
investigation. we learned the fbi sting includes a tape recording that claims to have a dc councilman and his chief of staff talking to who they thought was a cab company on tape. but in actuality it was an undercover fbi agent. >> reporter: the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the dc vehicle inspection station in southwest. cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in ashtrays of their vehicles. some inspectors were taking the bribes allegedly as payment for overlooking deficiencies on the cab that should have earned them a rejection sticker. another part of the fbi probe
6:33 am
focuses on city hall. the fbi arrested ted loza, the chief of staff to dc councilman jim graham. ted stead is charged with accepting trips, gifts and bribes of $1,500 in exchange for legislation that introduced by graham that favors certain cab companies. >> once the evidence is in front of the jury he will be vindicated. >> reporter: sources tell 9 news now that councilman graham is also a target of the probe. the ward 2 councilman says he has done nothing wrong and knew of no wrongdoing on ted loza's part. >> reporter: our sources say bribes were also offered to a member of the taxi cab commission who went to dc police which eventually led to the investigation of the fbi. new documents show a move made after the deadly metro crash was more to appease the public than fix the issue.
6:34 am
they announced the oldest series trains would be moved to the middle of cars. the striking plain the red line crash was a series 1,000 and it sustained catastrophic damage. the "washington post" has obtained documents showing metro had no scientific reason for removing the trains but viewed as a public relations effort. police say charles dalton killed his wife and two children before taking his own life. the neighborhood and investigators are still trying to determine what led to the tragedy. police say that dalton did not leave a suicide note. a study by the environmental protection agency will examine the loss of streams, water quality and affects of water life. an epa notice says surface mining may be degrading water quality and harming aquatic
6:35 am
life. u.s. health officials issued a public health alert about liquid tamiflu for children. they say parents could give kid the wrong dose to treat the h1n1 flu because the doings doesn't always match the syringe included with the drug. one may be in teaspoons and the other in milligrams. the warning urges doctors and pharmacists to be on the lookout for the potential mismatch. time for a special living smart report and jessica doyle is here with a local class teaching the ins and outs of facebook. where do i sign up? when facebook first started you had to be a college student to sign up. today a different story. 300million people want in including baby boomers and a local teacher is making money by teaching facebook. >> you want to go to >> reporter: the world of continuing education you might
6:36 am
be surprised to see facebook for boomers under the list of offerings, but in this local classroom every seat is taken. >> i had it for family and photos and would like to use it as a fund-raising tool. i'd like to know about the security aspect of it before i sign up. >> reporter: all good questions. according to the instructor. she starts with a how 0 to on profiles, picture and how much to share. points that speak to a big concern for social networking new bees. >> in general -- new byes. >> in general people are interested in their safety, making sure they are secure, that strangers won't look at their pictures or their children's pictures. >> reporter: for some retirees or those looking for work there is the ability to network quickly. >> ten years ago you would network or be at the chamber or ask your friend's cousin
6:37 am
brother for information. it makes it quicker. >> a lot of boomers want to know what their kids and young co-workers are talking about. the classes are at the center for life long learning in the district. pretty cool. >> governor kaine discusses the traffic events of the virginia tech shootings and first responders race to save the lives of people in crystal city but first a focus on virginia weather and traffic. here's kim. we do this every morning. the focus on the commonwealth. start with the temperatures where we have had 50s all over the map and a few sneaky 40s crept in overnight. manassas 48. 53 winchester. the goal today in strasbourg only 71678 the first to see hours around the lunch hour. as we head to fairfax 74 for the high. a couple of rain drops
6:38 am
approaching there. at 6:37, how's the drive? >> we are tracking that trip on the toll road in virginia. making your way from the greenway toe this beltway. drivers are hitting the road past the herndon area. to arlington we go. look at a live shot of wilson boulevard and lynn street. flip that camera over and i can show you there are no incidents or accidents. just take my word for it. end with a fly over the bw parkway. the shot from the beltway past 132 to -- 123 to alexandria. we are doing okay. 9 news now will return after these messages. keep it here.
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back with the living green tip of the day. i'm meteorologist kim martucci. do you have an ant infestation before you spend big bucks try
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the natural way. fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and fire away. it should turn the ants around. you can get more tips at just click on living green. here's kristin fisher. >> reporter: thank you so much, kim. in today's what's hot on the web segment we are talking about the redskins brutal loss to the lions yesterday. it is the big story on the web this morning especially in the washington area. you know, a tough break for the redskins but they are not getting any breaks this morning from the bloggers or from the fans posting comment on these sites and start by checking out the blog, the dcist, their title there last night's action, yeah, that happened. they start off by quoting redskins player jason campbell who said it was the one that got away from us. but the dcist goes on to say, you think? they call it the under statement of the year. for some it is the cherry on
6:43 am
top of one of the most terrible, horrible, no good bad years the history of dc professional athletic. they are not holding back any word there. i want you to check out on our website on sara walsh's blog, skins unsensorred. she posted this last night. she titled it debacle in detroit. she started by writing the redskins have become exactly who they want want to be, that team the one that ends the lions skin and one more blog this morning, the "washington post" redskin insider blog. what they have done is they have even posted a poll in which they are asking the question should coach zorn be fired? 7,000 people have voted thus far. 65% say yes. 34% say no. now, as you might imagine, that topic is, of course, something that is being debated
6:44 am
on the social networking sites like facebook. this is their fan page. one comment from tammy weiss. this is one out of thousands she wrote this is a very sad day in nfl football. very depress but i am loyal and will not turn my back on them they will rise again one day but have house cleaning to do first. >> whether they have house cleaning we will leave it up to the bloggers but it is certainly what is hot on the web. >> thank you very much. can't do anything about it but we can talk about weather. >> we can. the weather we will be talking about the next couple of days is the windy variety. here later this afternoon. that's when wind gusts could get up to 30 miles an hour. you folks watching from west virginia, western maryland a shot of 40-mile an hour gusts. talk about the bus stop forecast. all is clear for the kids and nippy in spots. a lot of 50s and even a couple of 40s outside.
6:45 am
good morning. warrenton 48. 52 in martinsburg, west virginia. baltimore right now 54. we're at 58 at reagan national airport. it is 55 at andrews air force base. here's the satellite-radar loop. no problems this morning. we are waiting on rain to arrive in the form of a few scattered showers mainly between the lunch hour inside the beltway and 4:00. until then we will keep the skies clear this morning through 9:00. 75 at noon and 77 will be the last mild high temperature for a while. we will lose some temperatures tomorrow. 70. 68 on wednesday. cool but dry weather moving in. here's what is going on in the atmosphere. we had a front that blasted through over the week. brought an inch of rain locally. it was much-needed. felt good. it was in the middle of the saturday plans. what a pain but we needed it. we are watching this front to the west. this one has a few showers with
6:46 am
it but importantly it has a change the air masses and gusty winds. it is a quick moving. through new york city and out on the delmarva by the afternoon. it will come and go during the middle of the day. so if you have errands around lunch hour keep the umbrella handy. by 1:00 moving in to frederick county. by 4:00, east of the district, already pulling to the eastern shore. the winds pick up and we stay partly cloudy as we head overnight and tomorrow. remember, tomorrow won't be as warm as today. instead of 77 we will be closer to 70 and we are going to be in the 60s as we think of wednesday's weather forecast. step out of the way. this is what it looks like. there's the 60s on wednesday and thursday. by the weekend we are in the lower 70sment don't forget you can get my forecast every morning at 5:00 by following me on twitter. the i.d. name is weather kim and you can get the traffic from angie. >> that's right. you can also get a list of fun
6:47 am
and exciting things in the region. i posted a new blog at go to the home page to see a square with my face. click on it and i will hook you up with what you need to know. let's talk traffic, slow from new hampshire to georgia. slow ride is involving a lot of volume. to interstate 270, plus 16 minutes for this. from 118 germantown road to montross. virginia, 66 eastbound tracking the commute slow, as well. from 50 to 123 and nutley to the capital beltway. we are not done yet. the sun is rising. things are looking good outside and also slow on 395 northbound from edsall to seminary and approaching the 14th street bridge. wrap it up in the district. inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road below speed. a live shot of florida avenue. okay to the third street tunnel. now over to andrea. dozens of injured people lay waiting for people in
6:48 am
crystal city, virginia. it was part of a joint emergency exercise the city of arlington county and alexandria, virginia. it simulated a bomb explosion near the railroad tracks with massive casualties. >> the lessons are intended to be applied to virtually any incident with similar circumstances, whether it was a naturally occurring incident like a hurricane. whether it was a train derailment that caused casualties or if it wassed by -- caused by terrorists. >> chief schwartz says first responders who participated in the mock disaster will exchange information as quickly as possible to be better prepared in the event of a real emergency. families of the virginia tech shooting victims met with governor kaine this weekend. the sec of three meetings in richmond between governor kaine and 30 media members.
6:49 am
some of the families want to make corrections to a report issued by the state panel that investigated the shootings. they describe the meeting as productive. time crunch dc and virginia residents took advantage of a drive in flu clinic in loudoun county. >> okay. you are all set. >> thank you. the clinic was held at the northern virginia medical center in ashburn. participants signed a consent form, had their temperature checked and after paying a $25 fee got a flu shot without getting out of their vehicles. the flu shot does not protect against getting the h1n1 virus. that shot won't be available until next month at some time. world leaders attempt to approve tougher measures combating global warming. and a half million people on the philippine island are affected by a powerful tropical storm. tonight at 11:00, a common
6:50 am
product in most homes is proving highly toxic to pets, even fatal. how to protect your four legged family members tonight at 11:00. i'm russ mitchell. coming up on the "early show," think you are safe in your hotel room? you may want to think again. we will show you ways to ensure your family safety on their stay away. >> and talk talk about seeing double. meet the proud parents of three sets of twins. talk about what life is like raising twins times three.
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i'm ready. announcer: ask your doctor about the latest generation lap-band system. in think news now, the literary world is mourning the loss of william safire. the pulitzer prize winning columnist side died on sunday he spent 30 years writing for the new york time and had written a dozen books. william safire was 79.
6:54 am
discussions about a new special agreement on climate change are underway this thailand but the lack of action by u.s. lawmakers on a bill which would cap carbon emissions is dimming prospect for agreement. at a summit in new york, both president obama and chinese president vowed their countries would approve tough measures to target climb change. more than 200,000 people have been affected by a tropical storm that dumped a month's worth of rain on the northern philippines. it triggered mudslides. at least 140 people were killed, 32 remain missing and 115,000 had to be evacuated. kim? >> it is all quiet as you head out the door this morning. we will be at 65 at 9:00. 75 at noon with where when a few showers will work through. more importantly the winds will be gusting as high as 30 miles
6:55 am
an hour. the high 77. 9 news now will be right back.
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thousands of people attended a ceremony celebrating the 2,560th birthday of con few,. the great an kent chinese thinker and philosopher. he lived from 551 to 479 b.c. he preached positive self discipline, maintaining harmony and family life and peace this the world. >> i like finding words of wisdom in my fortune cookie from him. he is quite a repeat in the fortune cookie. talk about 95 northbound. ethics are not looking so bad on this road.
6:59 am
15 minutes from the prince william parkway to lorton on the inner loop from braddock to 66 below speed. toll road drivers are congested past herndon to 495. >> all righty. seven-day forecast is up. today we will be remembered for being windy later this afternoon. and that windy stretch continues until wednesday. now, after this afternoon, slight chance of showers. we will be rain through the rest of the workweek and chilly. feeling like autumn, ladies. 60s by thursday and friday. >> loving the 60s. after the new week on wall street we hope it brings a new urge to buy stocks. this morning futures trading indicates a slightly higher open. >> no two mattresses or people are the same. we will have tips to help you pick the one that is right for you. and at 9:00 we sit down with an author. >> and you can get the news around the clock by going to


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